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Memoria Photo Gallery

Memoria Photo Gallery1.0.2.5

Your Personalized Photo Gallery

Memoria Photo Gallery is a multimedia application that offers a faster and smoother way for you to browse through your photos. Like other gallery apps, it organizes all your media files so you can easily look for them, anytime. The app comes in a beautiful design that you can customize using a wide range of primary and accent colors. You can even change the profile and cover photos as well as your name to make it your own. For added security, Memoria Photo Gallery comes with an encrypted vault where you can hide your albums. These hidden albums can be secured with a PIN, password, or fingerprint protection to make sure that only you can access them. In addition to personalization and security, the app also provides an easy way to view your picture with its zooming capabilities and integrated slideshow feature. Memoria Photo Gallery comes with various other features for more immaculate user experience. 

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